3 of 13 Habits That Successful People Do in the First 10 Minutes of Their Morning

by Mens Haircuts for Salon News, Uncategorized

imgresI think most of us have a morning routine when you first get up. My husband likes to read sports, look at his emails, prioritize tasks for work, then work-out to start his morning. I like to shower, dress, make a pot of coffee, walk and feed the dog. What are your morning habits before you start the day?

I was thinking about the new year and things that will to foster success and I found this article that I wanted to share.

Here are 3 of the 13 habits that successful people do:

1. Prioritize: know what is important and tackle that first

2. They anticipate distractions: and avoid them: when you get to work and your co-worker wants to gab, but you have a pressing meeting to get to.

3.They review their to do list: write down in order of priority and check off as you complete the task.

It has been said, the first 10 minutes of your day can determine how productive and effective the rest of the day will be. I think that can be true, especially when something in your routine gets disrupted. It can throw us off.I know that if I woke up and could not have that first cup of coffee I would be grouchy. When my husband misses his work-out he feels like his morning is missing something. I always make sure I have an extra bag of coffee grounds, so I buy a bag every week when grocery shopping.

After my first cup of fresh brew, I am ready to anticipate, check emails and conquer my day.

I would like to add that men of great habit also plan their haircuts. I know that sounds absurd, but men who schedule and rebook their haircut appointments never have to worry about how they look. We keep them on their game. More on this, click here.