5 Clues to Help You Decide If You Need a Stylist Instead of the Barber

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Stylist or Barber

Stylist or Barber

1. If you have worn the same haircut since grade school, it is time for a stylist with clipper skills.

2. If you want to grow your hair out, but are not sure what it will look like, go to a stylist with clipper skills.

3.  If you want to discuss styling possibilities with sideburns & beard trim.

4. If you want to know about fashion trends go to a stylist.

5 . If you want to know about skin care products choose a stylist.

Every Stylist has their own technique and skill level. Please inquire about skill level and experience. Most men who go to barbers never get their hair washed before a cut. A great stylist gives a relaxing hair wash and it is I think the best part of the service. A stylist can't shave a face, but a barber can. Most stylists do not specialize in edging unless they have clients with super tight curly hair.

Men who desire a skin to fade might fare better in a barber shop because barbers are known for  000 - #3 guard, no style and it is clipped every two weeks. That type of cut can be done in 15 minutes by an experienced barber.

A majority of men will not search out a new place to go get their haircut, unless they are in dire straits. If you aren't sure, walk-in to the some salons and barber shops; ask to sit and watch the other clients get their haircut. This will tell you if you like how they look after a cut. Check out the space! Is it comfortable to you? If you had to wait 20 minutes for a cut, could you stand the thought of waiting. Most men will wait if the place is comfortable and if the benefit is worth the wait. So, if you like the space and atmosphere, and you like the customer service, well then, the answer is obvious.

Try to remember, if you want style & great customer service you might have to wait as a walk-in. "Other men have the same idea as you, unplanned and they walk-in." Next time you will know to call ahead just to  see availability. My advice to those who can only decide last minute, call 2 hours ahead. Then put your name in as an appointment. It is almost like a walk-in, except two hours later & you are guaranteed that day. "Gentlemen, you are worth it."