What's New at Men's Cuts?


Men’s Cuts, No Longer Just For Men

Today, women are looking for new ways to look and feel professional. They are also looking towards new fashion statements that showcase power and sophistication. That's why Men's Cuts is no longer just for men. Today, many women are ready to embrace a professional, sophisticated, and precision cut and that's just what they will find in a hair cut, Rocky River Men's Cuts offers.

Meeting the Needs of Local Wash and Wear Women

Men's Cuts is now adding a women's Women's Pixie, Bob, Stacked, and Short Layer cuts at our Rocky River location. Is it the right option for your needs? For many of today's women, it is exactly what they are looking for.

You're busy. You are not only working to build a career, but you're building a family and carving out the life you desire. Along the way, you want to look your best, but you don't want to spend hours behind a mirror or even in a salon. 

This is exactly what today's high powered or soon-to-be professional woman wants. If you are looking for a precision cut – no matter what your style or needs are – and you want it done quickly while you are on the go, Men's Cuts is the place to be. You'll find that when it comes time for a hair cut, Rocky River women are finding that this type of service is exactly what they've been looking for throughout the area.

What Women Can Expect

When you come in for your appointment, you are able to get a beautiful precision cut from our team. You will love the way it feels and looks. You can choose from a variety of styles

 – this particular method works very well for women who have a bob cut, pixie cut, or other similar looks and want a fast trim and shaping. These women's cuts are perfect for those who are busy and do not have a lot of time to wait.

Women's cuts like this are only $55 for a Pixie, Bob, Stacked or even a Short Layer hair cut. 

Why Wash & Wear Women Choose Us For Hair Cuts?

For the modern woman who has a limited amount of time, but has the passion for leading for success, our services are an exceptional solution. You do not have to spend hours at the salon. You do not have to look shabby either.  Stop in, get the trim and styling you need, and get right back to your day. You can always come in before a formal event or big meeting, or schedule your appointment in advance just to get your hair taken care of so you look your best.

For those who are looking for a Women's Pixie, Bob, Stacked, or Short Layer hair cut, Rocky River's Men's Cuts is the best choice. Give our team a call to learn more about this service or for any other service you need.


The Right Hair Cut For The Right Impression

A man's haircut is more than just trimming off excess growth; it's about signaling a new venture, introducing a new career in your life, and moving forward with a positive outlook on your physical self. It also has real-life impact. Most people will make a first impression within three seconds of first meeting you, with a person already having some sort of understanding as to who you are and what you are in mere moments– even if it's an inaccurate assessment. Whether looking for a first date, moving forward with a new career, or even meeting the in-laws, a thoughtful man's haircut projects an image of self-confidence and organization, factors that anyone can appreciate.

There is also a transformative power of a haircut. A haircut can accentuate your features, make you look like you lost weight, and can even make you look younger. I recently got a client who went for an interview out in San Francisco for a position at Apple – his new haircut gave him the confidence he needed to nail the job. Another client went to New York City for a job after a haircut and got the position, with another getting a promotion in downtown Cleveland after struggling to find an agreeable haircut. Here are some hairstyles to consider.

Short length on the sides and a bit of length on top. A reiteration of the traditional pompadour, this type of haircut tends to be universally agreeable with most face shapes. A slight side part gives a intelligent, almost affluent look, which can be an asset to boost your confidence during job interviews.

Get rid of the gray hair. Gray hair is more acceptable nowadays, with many men rocking it – especially when it is paired with a stylish haircut. However, if you want to look younger, then removing the gray hair or toning it down can make quite a difference. It's important to consider the cost and maintenance of removing gray hair, but the stylist will be able to recommend a regimen that is unobtrusive and friendly to your wallet.

The true value in natural hair coloring for men:

  • It adds depth to otherwise white hair.
  • It adds movement and helps to define the cut.
  • It is distinguishing for men.
  • The colors we use today do not make you look artificial and can be done every 4 weeks.
  • It fades out gradually giving a very natural appearance to the eye.

Cut and color $65.00 for an average cost. For facial hair it is $15.00 and up. Consultation is always recommended.

It's also about your facial hair. A bit of trimming of your beard gives you a refined look, compared to unruly facial hair that can be distracting. We can recommend beard styles that will make it less distracting. Remember that people want to look at your face, not at the wall of hair.

The short clean-cut. This is the quintessential haircuts for many businessmen. If you want to secure a job position, make sure that you emulate the style and look of potential coworkers. It gives you a step in compared to others.

To get a complete rundown of the styles that we offer or to see our recommendations, contact us at Mens Cuts Rocky River 440.799.8887


Celebrating Men’s Cuts in Rocky River

About 5 years ago, I began my quest to open a salon catering just to men. At the time, I was laid off from a position selling granite. The market in 2010 was not so great after the bubble burst in 2008. In addition, I had finished a year at Virginia Marti for Interior design, then opted not to go into further school debt, since there weren't very many jobs out there in. I consulted with my husband and family for ideas. What was I going to do to reinvent myself in a down market. I needed to do something that used all my design skills. Haircutting was my other alternative. When I got licensed after graduating college, instead of getting a masters degree, I got a cosmetology license as a fall back. I never thought I would years later, own a men's salon. If you had asked me 20 years what I would be doing, I would have said graphic design and or interior design. Lucky for me, my husband is supportive of my creativity. I did some soul searching, consulted relatives and friends to get ideas. I looked in Boston and NYC to find a design concept. The idea of creating and designing a vibe and interior space that would be mine was thrilling. To offer men an alternative haircut experience from from a chain or barber seemed ideal.

Fast forward 5 years later, I closed my shop and am now renting a chair. I have no regrets. It was a great experience. I learned a lot as a entrepreneur and about myself. It was and is so much more than just cutting hair. It is all the behind the scene things like networking, marketing, troubleshooting anything technical, making sure things in the shop were kept organized & clean. I was constantly pushed out of my comfort zone thinking and problem solving. Although the doors to the space I created are closed, I am still enjoying the business I built and Thankfully many of my clients have followed me. 

What I learned about owning my own business? "Employees are the hardest to manage." When their personal life drastically changes it can have a devastating effect on the business. Now that I have had a taste of owning and managing employees, I am far happier being solo. There is a something to be said about not being a boss. It is Freeing!

I applaud anyone who wants to strike out on their own in opening any small business. It takes guts to do it. It is a lot of work. One has to be being willing to take risks, to accept things as they occur and find solutions that fit your business model quickly and efficiently. Having said that,  I think adapting to change and seeing what is in the future is one of the hardest things to visualize. When the opportunity to change my location presented itself, I grabbed it. Timing is everything.

I love being closer to home in Rocky River and working only by appointment. This arrangement provides me the best of both worlds.

My new location inside the Eternal Salon & Loft at 19063 Lake Ave is in Old Detroit. The vibe is casual. Each person rents & runs their own business behind the chair. The place is spacious and friendly. Imagine 9 different businesses under one roof. 

In this new spot, I can now add women back into my schedule for haircuts. Up until I opened my salon, I cut primarily women. 

If you are new to the area, we are surrounded upscale boutiques, great food and shopping. If you are hungry, there are plenty of places to eat nearby. There is CYC, Salmon Dave's, Flipside, Tartine's, Heinen's and Burntwood all in walking distance.


The Men's Cuts logo is in the window to the right side of entrance. The door is black and there is colorful, creative hand written chalk all over the door. In keeping things simple, I have booking online 24/7. For those who prefer to call just leave you name and number and I will call you when I am between clients.


Hair Cuts for The ‘New DAD’

Who is today's "Dad?" If you, like so many other men, have found that the traditional sense of going to work 9 to 5 is just not what you wanted to do, you are not alone. There are many men who have decided that life is more rewarding or better fitting by simply staying at home. Whether you are a stay at home dad that spends most of his days moving kids from place to place or you are a man that works from your home, it's always good to know how to take care of yourself.

Why Are So Many Men Enjoying Being Stay at Home Dads?

  • More men are valuing staying home with their kids.
  • There are more positions than ever that allow for work at home positions, giving them the freedom to be both the breadwinner and the caretaker.
  • For many men, being a stay at home dad really is the best role for them.
  • For others, it's necessity because their spouse or significant other is building a business or a career.

Some men have found themselves in this position just out of sheer luck. And, it feels great! There's no need to change it.

But, You Do Need to Take Care Of Yourself

While spending time enjoying your children is important, it is also essential to spend time on yourself. Men who are at home working or taking care of the house, kids, pets, and long list of to-do items, need some time every few days for themselves. Go out for a lunch date with a few friends. Spend some time at the rec center on your "days off." Or, unwind with other dads in a play group.

Most importantly, take time for your personal needs. Make an appointment for your next haircut. Because of the time constraints you have in place, you don't always have the ability to drop in and wait for a haircut. You don't have to. You can book your appointment when it fits your needs whether that's when the kids are napping or when the kids are in school.

When you need some downtime or just a fantastic haircut, give us a call. We're happy to give you the beset looking haircut out there while also giving you a break from being the best dad in the city.


Men’s Cuts is Moving From Lakewood to Rocky River

For those men looking for a hair cut, Rocky River now offers a new solution with a familiar face. Men's Cuts, one of the more well known establishments, previously located in Lakewood, is moving into town and bringing with it, its style, trendy cuts, and high end appeal. Starting on December 4, 2017, Men's Cuts will service to both existing and new customers at its new location at 19063 Lake Road, Rocky River, Ohio 44116.

Moving Information for Existing Customers

Men's Cuts has built a strong reputation of providing high quality service and one-on-one personal care to each one of its clients. It's a relaxed and friendly environment that has served it well for some time. Owner Mae Williams opened the current location in December of 2013 and is hoping to reach new clients with the move to Rocky River.

Men's Cuts will be moving from Lakewood to Rocky River at the end of November. The salon's last day of operation in Lakewood will be November 29, 2017 and the first day it will service customers in the new Rocky River location will be December 4, 2017. The good news is this new location is just a matter of minutes – and about 1.5 miles – from the existing, established location in Lakewood.

The new Men's Cut location in Rocky River will be inside Rocky River Business "Eternal Salon & Loft". Men's cuts will be renting a chair at this location for its previous and new clients.

What About the Services Offered at Men's Cuts?

Here's the good news. The high quality service that Men's Cuts has become known for will not change. The company's core mission is to provide men with haircuts in a relaxing atmosphere that offers features like neck massages along with a friendly atmosphere. It's a low key location without all of the rush involved. And, the quality of service provided will not go unnoticed. We will continue to provide specialized services for men due to their high skill level in this area.

Additionally, all of the services offered, along with the pricing and hours of operation, will remain the same. Lakewood clients are encouraged to visit the new location in Rocky River, of course, to obtain the same services they've been obtaining.

Booking an Appointment

Men's Cuts will continue to operate its website and, as a result, its online booking service. This is a popular feature that the company offers and it will continue to be available. The location takes appointments only. To accommodate the flow of customers and clients, Men's Cuts does not take walk-in appointments. Please call prior to arriving.

When it comes to getting a hair cut, Rocky River residents can now rely on the team at Men's Cuts to provide the same exceptional service and care that they provided at the Lakewood location. The new location is within Eternal Salon & Loft, at 19063 Lake Road in Rocky River. Book an appointment today for a trim or a brand new look in the new location.