Best countries to travel solo from Cleveland if you dare

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imagesLaos, Finland, Costa Rica, Sweden, indonesia, Germany, Vietnam & Chile are some of the best countries to explore alone. To read more about the places above click

I was think about today's weather being so cold. I would love to get away to a warm climate or to some exotic local. But I have kids, a dog, a business and a hubby. I was searching around the internet and was wondering where one could go alone and feel safe. Unless you have a buddy who has the same exact travel tastes, it may be easier to travel alone to see all the places you have always wanted. I think it would be scary and exciting.  With modern technology and phone skypeing and text, you are alone and you are not. You can post your travels on the spot and get immediate comments. You can video and share on the fly.

I don't know about you, but it feels like 10 degrees today. A nice sunny vacation to Florida would be enough for me, but it looks like the closest to anything warm for me will be a tanning booth. I don't want to tan, but the heat of those bulbs gives me that artificial warmth, I so need in cloudy Cleveland. Stay warm and happy travels...