Dressing for Success

by Mens Haircuts for Men's Fashion

Dressing Tips for the Office

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Cleveland is a pretty casual city. When not in work, men wear sweatshirts and t-shirts for their favorite sport’s team and jean. That is pretty much the uniform on the weekends. But what about wearing the correct clothes for the office? What do you wear to work? The times have changed and most businesses have a more casual dress code.  The days of men having to wear suits in the offices have evolved into a business casual look, while some offices are at the opposite extreme and are very casual.  However, sloppiness should never be part of business attire. Dress codes are changing and men in the workplace need to catch up.

Looking your best day in and day out will give a boost of confidence to make a good first impression on everyone you meet. For men, part of looking good every day is having a wide selection of garments, from dress pants to sweaters to suits, allowing you to alter a look by mixing and matching your business wear items. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to look good. Check out discount factory outlets or sales at your favorite stores. Even in today’s more casual offices, men are still expected to be at client meetings, presentations and other events dressed in a business suit. There are many great dress code checklists for those that are just entering the workforce. It is always important to understand your company’s dress code and check with the HR department if you have any questions.

Office Dress Dos and Don’ts

There are still some mistakes that men make in what they wear to work. Here are some dos and don’ts for men’s workplace fashion:

  • Follow the company’s dress code. Make sure that the clothing you have is suitable and in line with the company’s dress code and culture. If your company is more conservative, then have more button-down shirts and dress pants. If the company is more relaxed, then opt for more casual business clothing.
  • Jewelry and accessories-A wristwatch, wedding band or graduation ring are the only pieces of jewelry that should be worn in the office. Avoid flashy jewelry and visible body piercing, such as nose and eyebrow rings.
  • Proper colors-If you are working for a company that requires you to wear a suit, then more than likely they are more conservative. These companies will expect employees to wear dark and traditional-looking suits; this would include solid or pinstripe suits in dark shades of grey, blue and black. Plaids and patterns are okay for shirts and ties as long as they are subtle. Shirts should be long-sleeved with a collar in white, off-white, blue, black and classic pastel colors.
  • Proper Fit-Suits, jackets and pants should be properly tailored. Clothes should flatter the form and not emphasize physical flaws. Pants should not be droopy. Make sure they fit correctly. Invest in a good tailor for suits and dress pants.
  • Proper Grooming-Keep hair and nails clean and well-trimmed. Brush and floss teeth in the morning and after each meal. Don’t forget to put on deodorant and don’t apply to much cologne or aftershave.
  • Shoes and socks-Shoes and socks should complement or match the rest of the outfit. Do not wear white socks! Keep shoes clean and shiny at all times. Shoes should match you’re the color of the belt you are wearing.
  • Neckties-Necktie patterns and texture weaves can add a bit of flair to a suit. It is okay to contrast the tie to the shirt, as long as it doesn’t clash. Keep the pattern of the shirt and the pattern of the tie distinct and differently-proportioned. Also, learn to make a knot accentuate the body build and face shape.

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