Gift Ideas & Hair Cut Pampering for Groomsmen in Cleveland

by Mens Haircuts for Men's Fashion, men's grooming

Tis the season for engagements and weddings in Cleveland. I have had the  pleasure of  cutting several men who are going to tie the knot soon. They are looking for ideas on what to get their groomsmen. I found a few great ideas  and wanted to share them.  These gifts are fun, personalized and memorable.  You can order them on all on www.Etsy. com. I love www.Etsy.com because everything is hand made. You won't find these items in a major department store. I can certainly appreciate the work that goes into making these gifts; having an art background myself, I can appreciate the artist behind these items. I would not wait until the last moment to order  anything. Where things are handmade, can take longer.

Something else to also consider is pampering your groomsmen with service. A luxurious, relaxing, shampoo great haircut, facial massage & hot rocks - two weeks before the  wedding is a perfect treat. Our location is in the heart of Lakewood and  there are lots of great restaurants to grab a drink and meal to celebrate afterwards. We recommend  booking this in advance two-three weeks before the wedding.

By the way this is not the time to experiment with a new haircut. Please save that for after the wedding. Your pictures will be with you a life time. We want you want to look and feel your best before the big day.

If you are a year away from matrimony and  looking to change up your hairstyle, please experiment 8 months before. This way you are assured of  the perfect look for you and your bride on the day of the wedding.