Your Eye Brows Are the Mirror to Your Soul

by Mens Haircuts for men's grooming

5 Things to know about your brows:

1. On average your brows have about 500 hairs

2. MIT did a study and it is really difficult to identify a person with just their eyes, brow have more definition.

3. The uni-brow, all connected brow used to be viewed as criminal.

4. The smallest twitch in the brow displays your emotion and truths

5. More men like to wax the stray hairs & they like to get their brows trimmed especially if they are really bushy.

Below are some photos of an actual client getting their brows waxed. It only takes about 10 minutes. We do not think men's brows, it is reshaped by virtue of removing all the extra strays that sit below, between and above the brow. Brow waxing is for anyone. We recommend calling for an appointment. At Men's Cuts we use hot wax for sensitive facial skin. It's a no-brainer because it is painless hair removal.