Hair Cuts for The ‘New DAD’

by Mens Cuts for Men's Fashion, men's grooming, Rocky River

Who is today's "Dad?" If you, like so many other men, have found that the traditional sense of going to work 9 to 5 is just not what you wanted to do, you are not alone. There are many men who have decided that life is more rewarding or better fitting by simply staying at home. Whether you are a stay at home dad that spends most of his days moving kids from place to place or you are a man that works from your home, it's always good to know how to take care of yourself.

Why Are So Many Men Enjoying Being Stay at Home Dads?

  • More men are valuing staying home with their kids.
  • There are more positions than ever that allow for work at home positions, giving them the freedom to be both the breadwinner and the caretaker.
  • For many men, being a stay at home dad really is the best role for them.
  • For others, it's necessity because their spouse or significant other is building a business or a career.

Some men have found themselves in this position just out of sheer luck. And, it feels great! There's no need to change it.

But, You Do Need to Take Care Of Yourself

While spending time enjoying your children is important, it is also essential to spend time on yourself. Men who are at home working or taking care of the house, kids, pets, and long list of to-do items, need some time every few days for themselves. Go out for a lunch date with a few friends. Spend some time at the rec center on your "days off." Or, unwind with other dads in a play group.

Most importantly, take time for your personal needs. Make an appointment for your next haircut. Because of the time constraints you have in place, you don't always have the ability to drop in and wait for a haircut. You don't have to. You can book your appointment when it fits your needs whether that's when the kids are napping or when the kids are in school.

When you need some downtime or just a fantastic haircut, give us a call. We're happy to give you the beset looking haircut out there while also giving you a break from being the best dad in the city.