Hair Style Trends and Popular Requests at Men’s Cuts in Cleveland Ohio

by Mens Haircuts for Men's Fashion

Lately there have been more requests from men who want change. Perhaps it is because word is traveling that there is a barber shop/male salon who actually listens to their clients. More importantly it is the stylist who cares and has the skill set to provide a client the change he wants. Men are pleasantly surprised when they come in and we ask questions about what they want or how their last cut worked out. Most men do not know the terminology, but that is never a problem. Recently I had a gentleman walk-in, he asked me if I knew the Rofler. I had no clue what he was referring to. But after careful examination of his current look, we determined what he had a was a 1970's blow back cut. Now there are long and shorter variations. We joked, laughed and when we were done, he smiled and said," Wow, I am sure glad I came in here, because no one around here cuts my hair like this. This is exactly what I wanted." 

We take the time to ask questions because we care. We do not race through a haircut.

I think part of the issue is that barbers are dying off at age 80; or the male barbers born in the 80's, so there is generation gap. Most adults born in the 1980's (Millennials) will not know the term "Blowback or Feather, those are 70's terms. So I can't fault the younger stylists. Heck I think Rofler must be a 50's term. A term I had never heard of.

Three of the most requested:

1. Comb-over....think Mad Men

2. Under-cut....-think Brad Pitts most recent film

3. Blow back.....think Kenny Rogers, Brady bunch, David Cassidy, Bee Gees

Yes, the 1970's haircuts are making a comeback. More men want longer layers, they want a looser look.

Men love the fact that we welcome their desire of a new look. As a matter of fact, we suggest you find a celebrity image or whatever haircut you like on Google images and save that image on your phone. Since pictures are easier to understand, just show us. You don't need to know the terminology. We will make the best attempt to deliver and or help you towards your goal. If you are wondering about facial hair more hipsters sport this look. Though many professional men do wear a beard just cropped tight. Beards I believe are beginning to fall out of favor.

Now, I know a lot of men are use to walking into a chain expecting to be serviced in 5 minutes and out the door in 10 minutes. At Men' Cuts, we book on the half hour, we have clients that make appointments, they call in or book online. We do take walk-ins, we just can't guarantee you get serviced right away. The booking online  is a new feature for men who can't commit till last minute. You no longer need to walk-in or call  like a a traditional barbershop and wait for an hour. It's all about you. We are saving all our men time. It really is convenient. Oh, and not to mention you get an email and text confirmation. I can't think of any barber shops that offer this type of convenience.