Hairbands are the Rage for Men’s Hair Styling 2015

by Mens Haircuts for Men's Fashion

Men wearing hairbands is now the rage. It seems men of all types are wearing longer hair and are wearing hairbands to keep the hair off their face. For the most part it is purely functional. You can get decorative & wear it as a fashion statement.... It must be cool because soccer players wear them. This past week at Men's Cuts, we had a gentleman stop in. He had gorgeous wavy hair and he wore a head band. His reason for the headband was because he was growing his hair out. He looked fashionable. He asked us if he should cut his short hair and we told him,"NO". The bangs & crown were fairly long, but would hang in his face. (that's where the head bands come in).We told him it can take a full year before his bangs reach his shoulder.

Here is a website that sells hairbands. www.holabirdsports.com/adidas-sidespin-hairbands