Haircut Style Ideas for Men Over 50 in Cleveland Ohio

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images-2 It seems more men ages 50+ want to recapture their youth. I notice it more with men who have grown children. Once the kids are gone and off to college, dads have more time to focus on themselves. They start to rethink their goals, their retirement, their careers, staying in shape along with ramping up their grooming habits. In my observations, men who are going through any divorce, are more gung-ho about a make-over because they are back in the dating scene, versus men who have been married to the same person for 25+ years. Also, guys at this stage in life, have more expendable income, so they will splurge on skincare products & grooming services. You should consider going to a men's hair salon catering to men only in your town,Cleveland Ohio). The reason being is stylists will be able to help you transition to a new look. A barber will not and are not trained in the same manner as a stylist.

images-4When it comes to hair cut trends, I would not recommend following any trendy hair styles. By age 50, men need to accept the inevitable biological changes to thinning and receding hairlines.

The most common question that keeps arising at Men's Cuts is, " Can I grow my hair into a different style? " Our answer is yes. As long as you understand you have to grow through the awkward mid length stages.

Men who want shoulder length hair but are all grey, need to color their hair. The color will add 5- years. It is a amazing what color can do to a blank canvas. If you don't want to color your hair, then please go to a tanning booth or get a spray tan. Grey hair washes out a complexion.

images-6Thinning and close to being bald men.... please don't let the 20 strands grow to a length that looks like threads blowing in the wind. You do not have enough hair to cover your scalp. So don't try.

 Donut hole scalp, please wear a cut that is shorter, tighter. 

Men who are noticing the beginning of a receding hairline will need to wear a cut where the bang area is kept longer if it bugs them. The shape of face, your features, type of hair will determine your cut.

images-1Men with a full head of hair who want longer layers can wear something like this. Remember, all men need to get a regular trim every 4-6 weeks to maintain great hair looks. While you are at it, get a facial massage to help keep your facial skin vibrant and supple. A home regime is needed to keep your facial skin looking good. Try our RSVP products.