Men Salons like Men’s Cuts in Lakewood Ohio Have a Different Atmosphere Than A Traditional Barbershop

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Men versus women

I think it is interesting that everyone assumes that cutting men's hair is far easier. I think the challenges are different. Men often do not come in with any notion about hair. They don't seem to care as much or even know what shampoo they use. The one's that do have an idea will show us a style they have Googled. This makes it so easy to see exactly what they so that we can discuss and deliver.

It seems most men are just not as particular as women about their tresses and are grateful if we can make them look handsome without too much fuss. Men are more loyal to their stylists once they have established in their own mind they enjoyed the experience, convenience and ease of getting an appointment. Men prefer predictability.

More men definitely do not change their hair styles as often as women. A majority of men do not want to spend a lot of time adding product and styling hair. They much prefer to wash and wear. Men don't enjoy laboring.

Less Demanding

I opened a men's salon with the idea to help give men a choice from chains and old men barber's. In my observations men are easier in that they are not as demanding as women. If you cut a man's hair 1/4 inch too short, they won't destroy your character or  bad mouth you for the rest of their life to everyone they meet. A man will wait until the hair grows out, come in for the next appointment and tell you, "Uh, can you leave it a little longer this time." 

Client focused

Owning a men's salon is much more relaxed than a woman's salon because we don't have the drama, unless the stylist bring it in. At Men's Cuts, there is no drama. I won't allow it. Our clients like the simple cozy atmosphere. It is an open concept so all conversations are heard, but  what a man says in here, stays in here. The irony is no one really hears the other person's conversation..., it doesn't make sense until you are in here. I think the reason is stylists are so client focused while cutting that it makes  is easy to filter out the noise if you will.

Each Man is Special

What I think is fun and exciting is that each person that sits in a stylist chair, has a story that is unique to them. We get to hear everything under the sun and it depends on the type of rapport a client develops with a customer. Having said that, having worked in  male/female salons with as many as 20 stylists, each stylist will draw clients that reflect their personality & style. In a salon for men, once men discover that they can get great service and cut, they become regulars forgoing the old barbershop. 


I have been told in traditional barbershops the atmosphere feels competitive. Imagine a bunch  roosters, talking and puffing out their chests about sports, scores & the economy. Today not all men want that, because they have to compete and be tough guys all day at work. So coming in for a haircut by a skilled, attractive, female who pays more attention to  detail, who can conversate is a bonus.

The Finished Style

The finish? Most barbers don't offer many styling tips or variety of ideas as to what a man can do with his tresses. This is maybe where it is a major bonus for man with long hair, a man who wants to grow his hair into a new style, or where a man needs to know how to style his hair with products. A female stylist will explain to a client and that is cool for a guy."Men barbers do not communicate in the same way a female stylist would." There is a simple comfort level that comes natural to stylists. perhaps it is the training. Maybe it is a woman thing, to help men look their best. Whatever it is, I am glad the referrals keep coming. We know we are doing a great job. men keep us on our toes.