Happy Anniversary to Men’s Cuts in Cleveland

by Mens Haircuts for Salon News


How does one celebrate their one year anniversary? " For our clients we are offering,"Spin to Win" We have a wheel with services and discounts and they can spin when they rebook their next appt." We thought about food and drinks...but  it did not make sense. Men come to Men's Cuts because they want a great haircut and the attention to details.

Gratitude. I am so appreciative that I have the staff that I do, the support of my husband and understanding of my kids. Success isn't built alone but as a team. And with other supports that are not visible to everyone. As a female business owner, having had my share of bad bosses and working conditions in corporate america, I vowed to myself, that I would run a business that would appreciate their staff and also provide a healthy environment.  They love coming to work which is key to any successful business. I love that it allows for flexibility, last minute changes, no goofy long meetings and its easy to communicate one on one. But along with running a salon there is still a lot of behind the scenes that is more than just cutting hair, such as marketing, social media, face to face marketing.... I am fortunate that I have skills to blog and design many of the things that represent my brand and great network of friends and colleagues from the Rocky River Business Chamber, Lakewood Business Chamber and Lakewood Alive who I can defer questions to when something arises.

The salon/barbershop,  I am told  by clients has "Great Karma". Our clients appreciate the services we provide and they continually refer new clients from all over westside of Cleveland. So we must be doing something right. Uh, so back to the anniversary question....."I am taking the staff out downtown for appetizers and drinks at Hodges and Society." Thank you for believing in Men's Cuts.