High Prices at Cable Companies Force Loyal Customers to Cut the Cord

by Mens Haircuts for Salon News, Uncategorized

Have you looked at your recent cable bill? My residential bill was close to two hundred dollars. WOW. I can think of lots I can do with an extra $200.00. Over the past 4 years I have called Cox and complained about the exorbitant fees with an interest to end the service. As soon as you say you are leaving, they immediately start introducing another package that is $20.00 lower for a year. Cox, incrementally raises the fees, $1-6.00 in the middle of each billing period. By the end of the year your savings is zilch and you are actually paying more. It is no wonder so many people have cut the cord to cable. I looked at Sling TV and wanted to consider that as a streaming service instead of cable, but my husband loves the Big 10 Sports package. We compared Cox to Dish, we would save $40.00 a month. If you were not aware, Cox has a loyalty dept. I tried calling twice and was put on hold for more than 10 minutes. I swear every Cox sales person is trained to up sell, defend their fees and to convince you their fee structure is worth your hard earned dollars.

Most recently we got a call telling us that if we did not upgrade to the new digital box we would not be able to see tv clearly. I asked the representative how much more I would need to pay per month. The answer I got was $2.00 per box per TV. I thought to myself...."What a rip-off." My current bill is almost $190.00. The truth is we don't need cable now that we can stream all our shows from Netflix, Hulu, SlingTV, Amazon Prime, etc.

It got me thinking...What do others use for Tv programming? I started asking customers in the salon how they watch their tv's. One guy swore by the Dish and another swore by Direct tv.

We are very frustrated with Cox's customer service and pricing tiers. Whenever you call you are screened by an impersonal recording of questions, then put on hold until the next available sales person can help. Sure you can go to their website, but there is nothing on their site that allows you to delete a service. It will only allow you to upgrade services and the website is confusing to navigate.

We will be looking to switch to Dish for programming for our home. But for the salon, I am going to look into a digital antenna, like the Leaf.

Read this to see to best indoor antennas. As long as we can get local news it should suffice since we play music all day anyways.