Lakewood OHIO Is Where Men’s Cuts Can Grow and Prosper

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Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 3.13.52 PMI remember living on Marlowe in Lakewood in the late 90's. Lakewood was dead. There were no cool stores or restaurants to really speak of. Fast forward Lakewood in 2014 , it is vibrant with more people moving in, more small businesses just sprouting on Detroit Ave and Madison Ave. Lakewood has so much to offer. Housing is affordable. Let's face it, that eats a big portion of your income. With money left over, you can actually have a life. 

In the past several months I have met a number of young men in my salon.  Some are from Switzerland, California, Youngstown and Akron OH. Is the economy on an uptick? It sure looks like it. It is especially a great time for me as a new salon owner to introduce Men's Cuts. Men now have a place to call their own.

When guys come into Men's Cuts they are happy to be in a new place that can cater to their needs. Men appreciate the time we spend with them. Men need to know that they are investing in themselves with a great cut. 

I like learning about about my clients as much as I share what I know of Lakewood. In addition, Men's Cuts is a source of information for a variety  of things.An example: jobs, fashion trends, holistic remedies and restyling. At the moment, At & T Retail in North Olmsted is hiring. Last week, my client had a special event to go to and wanted me to restyle his hair just for the event. I"ts fun to do things like this--- make our men feel special.

One great benefit of being downtown Lakewood is easy access on foot or bike.

Glad I made the decision to open Men's Cuts on Detroit Ave. If you are new to the area, give us a holler. Got a special event, let us know how we can help you.