Manliness Protection for Your Face Kyoku SPF15 Moisturizer and BullDog

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photoGuys if you want to avoid getting skin cancer, apply sunscreen daily to your face after you wash-up and shave. What kind? Well, if you get a moisturizer with SPF15 like Kyoku and use it daily, you should be good to go. A little something goes a long way. It is better if you start wearing a moisturizer with spf 15 as a teenager and make it a habit.  Boys and grown men who play outdoor sports need  skin protection. This can help prevent skin damage and slow down the process of wrinkles. Any kind of sun burn to the face damages the skin. The effects aren't always visable until you hit your mid 30's. Most men who have experienced blisters from a sunburn will re-blister in the same area or have sensitivity to the sun if the skin's been damaged. Just because it is partially sunny doesn't mean you won't get burned. You should keep a tube of sunscreen in your garage, car, golf bag, gym bag & briefcase. I would recommend the greaseless type . 

Last week we had a few sunny days and everyone was out biking, jogging and riding convertibles in Lakewood. Everyone was out absorbing the sun's rays. I will bet you, no one had sunblock on. 

My husband who has blues eyes and fair, loves the sun, played sports outside, and drove with the moon-roof open for years without moisturizer and sunscreen. If you look at the pic above, you can see the lines around his eyes. David's crows feet around the eyes and facial lines are permanent from sun damage. He, like most men, did not start thinking about his skin until 3 years ago. He was using body cream  on his face which was too greasy. He has oily skin and requires a lighter moisturizer that is non greasy. David now uses, The Bull Dog moisturizer  and facial scrub because it is lightly scented, all natural and quickly absorbs into the skin. If you are in the area and are curious, come in and try our testers.