Men’s Cuts is Hiring a Licensed Full-Time Stylist and Part-time

by Mens Haircuts for Salon News

imgresIn an effort to help with providing great service. We are in a wonderful position to hire. It is always a risk to open any small business. I feel fortunate to be able to hire special person. I need to give Thanks to my staff for providing what I envisioned, great service, great cuts. It's that simple. "Thank you, Rachel, Nadine and Erin."

I also want to Thank all our customers who support our efforts!!! We wouldn't be a viable business.

How hard is it to build a following? It depends on you. You the stylist. It isn't hard to develop a a following with us. The answer is SERVICE, CONSISTENCY  & RELIABILITY. We do all the marketing. If you can follow and do what is requested, according to Men's Cuts program, you shouldn't have problem. As silly as it sounds, Mae doesn't tolerate any drama or drama queens. In fact, she views it as unprofessional. So, leave it at home if you want to work here.

Men's Cuts is small but mighty. We have three salon chairs which creates a very intimate experience. Our stylists are not salesmen. We don't push products or services, we suggest, we listen and we do try our best in delivering what our men request. It is a tall but simple order. Men are much simpler, but just as hard to please. It's relaxing in here compared to any barbershop. We like it that way. So do our many clients.

So, if you are thinking of switching salons, fill out an application on our website. If we think you are a good fit for our team, you will hear from Mae.