Men’s Cuts Lakewood’s Fast Fashion Fixes for Now and Later

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1. Go through your wardrobe. Some of your favorite pieces get worn-out and faded. Go ahead and  toss out or donate  what you have not worn in two years. Then fill a spray bottle with some vodka and lightly spray your clothing. Hang sprayed items in a ventilated area to dry. This helps to get rid of odors in the fabric.

2. Are your clothes too big or too tight? Go to a men's clothier and get measured. Every couple of years you should get measured so that you can identify areas where you need to buy bigger or smaller.

3. Stuck in a rut? Pair up a T-shirt or button down with different pants, lay it together on the bed. Pull together 5-10 different looks. Take your phone and snap what you like. This can be your go to when you need an idea for a different look. Update this as needed.

4. Do you need to clean-up those shoes? Gather-up your shoes that are worth re-soling and head to a show cobbler. This can save money and will look brand new. Coordinate your shoes by color in your closet. This helps when you want to pull an outfit together.

5. Don't forget your belts. Get rid of any belts that your wore in college. Invest in a few new one's every couple of years. Donate what you don't wear.

6. Jackets, suits... both casual and dressy. Check for missing buttons, stains and  lining. Also check to see if they are currently in style. Some jackets really can date an outfit.

7. Eye glasses can really tie a look together. Frames today are really quite fashion forward.