Men’s Cuts in Lakewood Offers Convenience and Service

by Mens Haircuts for Salon News

In this day and age, no one wants to sit in a chair for two hours waiting to get a hair cut. In fact walking-in appears to be the convenient in theory, but only if you can get serviced that very moment and only if it is a chain with 6-9 stylists on. We are not a chain.

Men's Cuts does take walk-ins, but there may be a wait. Many of our customers, make appointments and book online.  Retirees, entrepreneurs, sales managers with flexible hours should take advantage of a haircut services between 12-4PM. Our Hours are: M-w 12-8, Th 11-7 , Fri and Sat 9-5

At Men's Cuts, you can book your own appointment and see what is available 24/7 from your phone. Men love this feature. You never have to walk-in or call in. We will even send you an email and text reminder because we know how busy you are. We are here to help you maintain your good looks.

We are open Mondays when all other barbershops are closed. Our hours on M-W are 12-8PM. The last appt. is always a half hour before we close. You really have no excuses left as to why you could not get a hair cut.5Q4A9504_web_maecutting

Are you going for a job interview? Are you over 50 and looking aged? Want to look your best on your wedding day? Interested in growing your hair out, but not sure what hairstyle will work? We have  solutions. You are also welcome to saving pic on your phone to show us. Show us and we can partner together on your grooming goals.

Do you have dry skin and want a moisturiser that works? Stop in and try our facial massage and RSVP skincare for men. Remember we are here to help.

Booking online is bonus for a very busy man. You can call us and if we can't get to the phone, don't worry. Leave your name and number and we will call you back between clients. Our stylists Kristen, Erin and Mae are highly skilled and patient. "Look Good and Feel Even Better.