Men’s Cuts Lakewood Tips for Cracked Finger Tips

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Every winter my husband experiences cracked finger tips. We have tried all kinds of hand creams over the years. There doesn't seem to be one perfect solution. This year my husband is using Udderly Smooth cream. You can find Udderly cream everywhere from Target to the hardware stores. He says it seems to work. One reason why your skin cracks is the lack of moisture between the layerimgres-1s of your skin. My husband keeps a tube of Udderly Smooth hand cream in his car. You don't have to be working in outside elements to have cracked fingers. In Cleveland the weather gets pretty darn cold and if you work in indoors with lots of heat, the lack of moisture dries out of your skin. So drink lots of water. Think of your entire body as a plant. We need water even when we are not thirsty. Your hands will tell you and will the skin on your face.

We see our share of men with cracked finger tips and so now we offer a hand dip with paraffin. The paraffin has moisturizers that help soften and moisturize hands. Our clients seem to like it, especially with the cold temps. Stop in and try this service with your haircut.

Mimgresost recently I have discovered Gold Bond Men's Essential Hand & body lotion. Non greasy and lasts 24 hours. I purchased a bottle for our clients to use at checkout as a courtesy to help our clients.

Below are some tips that you can try:

1. Wash hands with a gentle soap &  luke warm water, not hot water. Hot water dries out the skin.

2. Take a vitamin D as directed and supplement with Biotin as directed.

3. Purchase a pair of cotton gloves, slather hands each nigh before bedtime with udder cream, shea butter, vaseline hand lotion. Sleep with the gloves

4. Dab super glue on cracks to seal them, then slather the hand cream on

*Avoid petroleum products(vaseline) as they do not absorb into your skin.