Men’s Grooming Club Trend Around the Country

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imagesWould you spend $100.00 for a membership to a men's grooming salon? What kind of service would you expect for your grooming needs? Before opening Men's Cuts, I researched & thought about opening a salon that had a club feel for men to get their grooming essentials. I noticed in other major cities that some barbershops across the country were  offering  exclusive memberships.  I loved the idea, but did not see a market to support it here in Lakewood. The

I think men on the Westside are still discovering our great haircuts & service. We enjoy & welcome men ages 10-75. Retirees are delighted to get a shampoo after a cut. The usual old barber doesn't shampoo like the way we do. All our cuts include a shampoo. Men look forward to being a little pampered. We try to provide the very best service in 30-45 minutes to keep you looking and feeling good. Men like consistency. This summer we had the pleasure of cutting several grooms to be. You can see our Grooms on our Facebook Page. The brides were very happy with the results. We suggest coming in two weeks before the wedding so that you do not have the just cut look.

There is  definitely a certain level of comfort knowing that the same person cuts your hair. We actually get to know your hair which makes it easier when you want to switch hair styles. Want to read more