Pampering Men Happen’s When Your Wife Discover’s Men’s Cuts in Cleveland

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photo 2-1Greg a new customer," Thanks to his wife", will be visiting us for a full year. She read an online, a deal we ran with Mimi back in March. She purchased a year's worth of service for a fraction. Interestingly, men do not read or notice specials and it is usually the wives and girl friends who make recommendations and purchases.

Greg came in today  for his first visit. He was elated. His past haircut experiences were not focused on service and quality. Prior to visiting us, he was frequenting a chain or barber in his area. Today marks a new revelation, a positive change with his experience in Men's Cuts. "It is always a wonderful feeling to be pampered". Our customer base will travel more than a half hour  to Cleveland just for their haircuts. We think that says something.

Once a man realizes he can actually receive a nice cut with a relaxing shampoo they can't go back to the barber or just anywhere else that doesn't specialize in men and styling. So what did he get today? The Fix plus and a facial massage. Curious, look at our services and a la cart menu. Want to know what people are saying about us. Check our reviews and go to our Face book page: menscutlakewood