Beard Ideas for Men Who Want to Phase-Out Their Beards

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Beards have been pretty popular the last 2 years. Everywhere you look men have facial hair in Lakewood, OHIO. Facial hair, like the hair on your head is an asset of your handsome looks, it frames your face & needs to be trimmed and cared for.

At Men's Cuts, we can't shave your face, but we can help you trim and reshape your beard for a different look.  And of course, If you are tired of the beard look and want to stand out from the crowd then consider changing the shape and changing your hair style.

If you have a white beard, you might want to tint it to match your hair color. It would give you facial definition. You would need to tint it twice a month.  Stop in to see us for a complimentary consultation.

Look for our beard oil which is also good for your beard skin next month.