Professional Men in Lakewood, Ohio Need to Get Their Haircut During Lunch Hour

by Mens Haircuts for men's grooming

imagesMy career in hair started out in Boston. I worked downtown and used to be at work by 7:30 to cut and style both men and women. Most salons in Boston opened by 8am. I had regular male clients coming in every 4 weeks to maintain their hair. It was far easier for  guys to get their hair done during lunch hours. This would free up their weekends. A majority of men due to location were lawyers, managers, bankers etc.

Having worked on both men and women's hair and seeing a boom in men's grooming, I decided to focus strictly on men. Men on the west side need another alternative to the current barber shops and chains. We are truly a men's salon. I also thought my location being downtown Lakewood, would also attract more gentleman who would get their hair cut during lunch hours. I have not experienced  any lunch time rush of customers like i did in Boston. Maybe men are unaware of the great opportune time to come in for a cut, where there is no wait and its relaxing. YES, "Come in from 12-3. YES, It's a perfect time." 

More men need to know that if you call in leave a message, request an appointment on line, or walk-in at noon we can accomodate you. I have heard that men are shocked we open on Wednesdays. Barbers do not open on Wednesdays. We are open Mon. Tues. Wed. 12-8PM

So stop putting off your haircut. Our hours and services is what sets us apart from barber shops and chains. Stop in and try our Fix plus. The cost is $30.00. If you break it down, you spend $1.00 per day to look good. We think you are worth it. If you got the Fix, our basic service, you still get pampered for 70 cents a day. Guys, we make your haircut worth repeating.