Self-Taught Blogger Stylist Hits A Wall When It Comes to Words

by Mens Haircuts for Salon News

imagesI think blogging is one of the hardest things to do, especially when writing isn't second nature, like cutting hair, or designing interior spaces. I try to find things of interest for men, but it's best to blog about things we know. As a small business owner, I made it my mission to become organic on the web. I think it has really helped my clients find us. About 3 years ago, I taught myself  how to blog from using Hub Pages. If there is something I learned, a great blogger writes well they  are passionate about writing. I have to admit writing poetically and editing are NOT my strong suit. Interestingly, I learned enough to actually earn passive income. This lasted a year.  It was a huge struggle at first. I was learning as I was writing. You can write a 100 stories and only 3 may bring you passive income. What you think is interesting may not draw one single reader. In the course of a year, I got voted up, I made a few pen pals and learned about others. It was amazing that I was able to email and talk to other writers I never met in another continent. Blogging was fun, but I learned I didn't enjoy it. In addition to being a writer, you have to be a photographer and an editor. One can rely on Google images, but it isn't as effective as a visual. Some bloggers who wrote about food, took great photos step by step of what they were doing. Travel bloggers had beautiful photos. During the time I was a teaching myself, I learned that arthritis was a hot topic and I wrote about it and the things I discovered that helped.

After a year, I learned I didn't want to be a full time blogger. The skills and information I did learn, served me well here at Men's Cuts. Looking back, I had no idea I would be using it for my business. You know that saying, "You never know when you are gonna need or use that skill, so learn it." Over the past 25 years, I have accumulated a variety of skills, just out of curiosity. In opening Men's Cuts, I have gotten to use much of what I have learned. How can I have so many interests? Well, truthfully, I get bored easily and am always wanting to learn something new. It keeps my mind fresh.

Today I am still the same student I was 25 years ago, just older and wishing I was still 25, but with the knowledge I have today. I have a hit a wall, maybe its because I can't seem to find a burning topic to blog about. It could be because I just can't find the words. I searched for topics that men would read and this appeared.... Sex still sells advertising. 

Do men prefer women or a male barber cutting their hair? Do men prefer a younger woman versus older woman? Does it matter if a woman is fat or skinny? Do men care if a woman is attractive? I am searching for answers and am not sure if I will get them. Is it sex appeal or the hair cut that keeps them coming? I have another stylist chair to fill and I want men to tell me what they want. If it fits my business strategy and brand I may consider it.