Tips on Making Getting Rid of BO and Mildew Out of Your Work-out Clothing

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imgres-1Some of you out there love to work-out. In fact you don't feel like you can start your day off until you have worked out, or you get home from work and have to head to the gym. Some guys sweat and stink and some just sweat. Your body odor can be the result of poor hygiene. If you are not washing your work-out clothing after each wear, the clothes will stink. Don't get lazy. Hey, some guys just sweat more. Sweat alone doesn't cause body odor, it is the sweat that comes from hands, feet, groin and arm pits. Your apocrine sweat is made of protein and fat. Your eccrine sweat is what cools your body down. It also has no odor. Bacteria on your body feeds off the groin and armpits sweat, creating BO. Below are a few tips to get the stinky out of your work out clothing.


Method 1:

1. Use Tide sports detergent

2. Wash it twice if it is super stinky

imgres-33. Then use Febreeze spray. Spray it directly on the clothing before you toss in wash

4. Dry clothing half way then hang and air dry on a dry-rack



imgres-4Method 2:

 Wash clothing with 1 cup white vinegar, then wash again with Tide sport. Toss into dryer.


aclkMethod 3:

 Try Lysol spray. Toss clothing in dryer and dry half way. Then spray lysol disinfectant

on half dried clothing and dry completely. Throw away clothing if you have tried everything. Sometimes you just can't get the odor out of the fibers.