Trunk Club Is Takes the Hassle Out of Clothing Shopping for Men

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The Trunk Club is an online, personal shopper who chooses clothing based on the questionaire you answer online on their website. Whoever thought of this was brilliant. Imagine having your own personal shopper. Imagine if you live in a area that does not offer enough men's clothing store options. Look, no further. You will need to know your measurements. About the hardest thing is knowing your own measurements.

I signed my husband up online. He is the perfect example of no time and he would much rather be at a football game on a Friday night. He works long hours and as much as he loves to shop, he doesn't have time. This is where Trunk Club can come in handy. They will send you everything that will comprise of 3-4 looks in a box the size of a oversized suitcase. 

My husbands opens the box. Inside, there was a navy, down style winter coat, 4 button down shirts, 3 sweaters, 1 polo, 3 pairs of pants, one pair of socks and a beautiful pair of shoes. They sent my husband some brand names I never heard of. He tried on everything which took 30 minutes. I think I was more excited than he was. He liked the jeans, pair of grey pants, and two of the plaid button down shirts, and the dark grey sweater. Some shirts were just too tight in the shoulder and some pants were just too tight in the thigh. David was upset that his jeans were not the right length. I told him that they probably have just one length to keep costs down. Your pants will require a tailor to make hem adjustments. I thought what they sent was fairly close in taste to what my husband would have purchased on his own. I was hoping for more interesting colors and patterns, things that can't be found in a department store. 

Where you save time and aggravation shopping, you spend in dollars. For example, a plaid shirt costs $100.00. If it were an extraordinary color combo, I think my husband might have considered it. The jeans were about 150.00. I still like the Trunk Club, I think we just need to tweak his questionaire to have them send some stuff that is also dressy.