Wrist Watches Are Not Just for Telling Time

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A watch to a man is like a handbag to a woman. It is a small accessory that is functional and has chrome like sparkle that men like. Some men really treasure and collect watches. I can see why too. A watch makes a statement and gives a glimpse to others who you are. It is a finishing touch and it pulls an outfit together. 

I personally like watches and have a few myself. My personal preferences are Ebel, Rolex and Raymond Weil. I  tend to like things that are timeless and hold their value. A great watch will hold its dollar value. Most men will not blink an eye when it comes to spending money if it is something they love. Tagheuer is a very cool brand. I love the square face. It looks solid and quite handsome. I like seeing the mechanics and the guts of the watch. If you are curious, click  to learn how to spot a fake and learn more about  luxury watches.