Invest in Yourself by Rebooking Your Next Appoinment

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 We at Men's cuts welcome walk-ins and prefer appointments. We are not a chain, currently you will either get my other stylist or myself. Our focus is great cuts & skincare. If you want a different style, we are here to help.

I opened this salon to give men an alternative  to 10 minute clipper cuts. The concept of time is amazing to me."Aren't you worth more than 10 minutes?" I know and you know haircutting is a skill and talent.  At Men's Cuts we think you are worth the time We spend about 30 minutes in total from start to finish. A stylist with a clientel will see most clients see more in a year than their doctor."

Now there is a cost to great service. I hardly think $30.00 is a lot for a haircut. It is $1.00 a day to look good each month. You are worth it. I myself will pay more for service

Go ahead, take a little,"Me time" for yourself." You can walk-in for your first appointment and try the Fix  Then when you check-out, rebook your next appointment ask for the Fix+ with facial massage, You are making a commitment to you and your time. We will send you an email and text reminder. It's that easy.