Winter Coats and Accessories Style Tips

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Men's winter coats and accessories

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The Farmer’s Almanac  is predicting a cold and wet winter for November 2016 to April 2017. Are you prepared? Before it starts to get too cold now is the time to get your winter coat and accessories.

Men’s winter coat style doesn’t change that much, but there is always adjustment each winter season to the cut, color and type of coats that are the most popular. If you buy the right winter coat, you can wear that coat for many years, depending on how “rough” the weather is and on how you wear the coat. It is important to choose a coat with good quality, that is stylist and versatile. Coat styles vary from overcoats to more casual, but utilitarian winter jacket. Which coat and accessories you choose depends on the occasion or event you are attending, where you are attending the event (styles are different for Midwestern winters compared to southern and west coast winters!) and how cold it is.


Winter Coats and Jackets

Some of the styles of winter coats that men’s style websites such as Fashion Beans say are must-haves for this winter season:

The Trench Coat


The Trench coat was originally designed in the mid 1800’s, but Burberry adjusted the style into army officer’s raincoat during World War I. The style adjusted through the decades from military style to the coat of TV’s private eyes to Misha Collins on “Supernatural”. The trench coat is versatile and easy to style. It can be dressy or dressed down. Trench coats should fit well at the shoulders and flow with a man’s build. The material should be lightweight, water-repellent with the length ending at mid-thigh.


The Shearling

shearling winter coatThe shearling coat also has a military history; it was worn by pilots to keep them warm in uncovered cockpits. Today, the shearling jacket comes in many style from denim to felt to wool to leather. Shearling can match well with many different fabrics. The style is usually more informal and can be worn with khakis and jeans. The higher end leather shearling jackets are an investment that a man can wear for many years.


The Technical Rain Jacket

Technical RaincoatShearling jackets, while quite stylish and warm are not great to wear in the rain and snow. A rain jacket should fit true to size. It shouldn’t be too slim as this jacket can be worn over a couple of layers of clothing. If a jacket is too big, it can overwhelm the body shape and let rain in. It is important to have waterproof fabric for this type of jacket. Water repellent jackets will let some water roll off, but heavier rains could soak through.  These types of jackets are not usually very stylist as they are made more for practicality, but you can still find some great looks.

The Parka

Men's winter coat-parkaThe most popular style of parka is called “the Inuit”. This style also has a background in the military. It was a staple for the U.S. Army during the 1950’s especially during the Korean War. Trendy “mods” in the 50’s and 60’s made the parka popular as an overcoat as they wore it over their suits as they rode on their bikes and scooters. Today, the parka is a modern, wardrobe staple with versatility and functionality. Water resistant and repellant parkas in natural fabrics are a must to guard against snow, wind and rain.  These jackets should be loose, but not too oversized. The jacket should hit mid-thigh to knee-length.

The Overcoat

men's winter overcoatFor cities with more temperate environments, the overcoat has become a fashion as well as functional piece of clothing for men. Overcoats can come in a variety of fabrics, colors and shapes from lightweight wools to heavier winter looks. As with the other styles of coats, it is important for the coat to fit properly. An oversized jacket might not always be the look you are looking for. But, the good thing about an overcoat is that it can go with a suit or dressed down with jeans and a light sweater.



men's leather glovesHats, gloves and scarves are a major part of a man’s winter wardrobe. Men need all of them to keep their extremities protected from the rain and cold. However, you can’t just pull on that beat up knit cap every time you go out. Plus, ski gloves will not match your nice overcoat and suit when you are heading to an interview or a formal affair. Gloves have become the go-to accessory for men during the cold winter months. They are barrier to dry winter skin, they can add a pop of color to outfit and be functional. There is a variety of styles of gloves that are stylish every year, including, leather and wool and even fingerless. What gloves you choose will depend on your event or occasion.

men's knit winter hatMen’s winter hat and scarves styles vary depending on the occasion as well. For hat styles, you could be casual with a wool baseball hat or keep warm with knitted caps. If you wanted to go to extremes to stay warm, you might consider the pilot hat with shearling ear flaps to keep your head very warm during the cold winter months. For scarves, it is always important to keep a variety of styles of scarves in your closet to let you go from hip to function with a chance of your scarf. You can also go fun and colorful, but the scarf should also be functional as well as go with the outfit and occasion that you are wearing it for.

As you get prepared for the winter season by purchasing your winter coats and accessories, make sure that you take care of your hair and skin as these also change during the winter months. Ask your Men’s Cuts  stylist for suggestions about products to help your winter skin and hair.