Winterizing Your Scalp & Hair With Beer or Vinegar

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I see more men wearing hats to stay warm. If you wear any hat, chances are, your head gets hot. You might even sweat under the hat. Believe it or not your scalp's way of breathing, is to sweat. When that happens, you have an oilier scalp with scalp odor. Scalp odor is similar to body odor. For those of you who don't wear hats in the winter, your scalp may be drier, much flakier with oil and odor. 

Solution 1: Use 1/2 a can of beer…inexpensive beer is fine. Use as needed.

Open one can of beer, next, jump into the shower, dampen hair, shampoo lightly, & rinse. Then lean forward & pour the beer in your hair and spend the next 2 minutes massaging vinegar solution in your hair and scalp. Then, rinse with lukewarm water. The benefit? It will make your hair shinier, remove oil & odor. If you don't like the smell of beer, apply a dime size amount of Finish Conditioner by RedKen for Men. Then do a final rinse, dry and style.

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Solution 2:  Vinegar neutralizes the PH in your scalp, hair and removes scalp odor. Use as needed

Any drugstore of grocery store sells a 12oz bottle of white vinegar. Purchase a small bottle, go home and pour 2 oz in a cup with 2 oz of water. Then do yourself a favor and dry brush your scalp; It  loosens the dead skin for easier removal. Next, step into the shower, wet hair, then apply the vinegar /water solution in your hair and massage into hair & scalp for 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, then use Mint Clean shampoo RedKen for Men, rinse, dry & style. (you will not smell like a bottle of vinegar)

I also want to mention that guys who use a lot of product in their hair, waxes and gels, the vinegar solution is excellent because it removes product build up too. How do you know? When you look in the mirror and  your hair looks dull and lifeless and feels gummy.